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The Justice Department said a New York couple has been charged with conspiring to launder billions of dollars' worth of stolen bitcoin.

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The seizure — the largest ever for the department — and arrests stem from the breach of the Bitfinex exchange. The couple faces charges of money laundering conspiracy and conspiracy to defraud the United States.

The case revolves around bitcoin biolliona pašalina investicijas cyber breach of Bitfinex, during which the hacker stole somebitcoin and transferred them to a digital wallet —akin to a virtual account — outside the exchange.

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Prosecutors say that digital wallet was under Lichtenstein's control. Court papers say he and Morgan then conspired to launder those funds, conducting a series of small, complex transactions across digital platforms to try to hide the money.

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But, court papers say, investigators managed to trace the stolen funds through thousands of transactions to over a dozen accounts held in the name of Lichtenstein, Morgan or bitcoin biolliona pašalina investicijas businesses. Prosecutors say the couple also set up accounts with fake names to use in their laundering operation.

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Court papers say the couple cashed out the stolen bitcoin into U. The Justice Department has recently boosted its efforts to crack down on crypto crimes and created a national cryptocurrency enforcement team last fall to focus on sophisticated cryptocurrency crimes.

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